1 hochbeet aus paletten selber bauen

1 hochbeet aus paletten selber bauen

From creating a garden that you can use to be more attentive to growing your own food To help you feel more calm about what you are feeding your family, we predict that gardening trends in 2020 will be heavily reliant on creating a space that brings you health , happiness, and relaxation.

More and more people are realizing the restorative effects of being in nature (did you know that some doctors actually prescribe time for their patients outdoors to help with chronic illnesses and increase health and happiness?).

More chaos equals more stress is a saying that is not limited to indoors, which is why a disheveled garden can leave homeowners feeling overwhelmed. Given the busy world we live in, gardeners will look for ways to simplify their gardens in 2020.

As designer Scott Shrader says, “” “Why go on vacation once a year when you can feel your yard on vacation all year round?” “Gardeners find more ways to enjoy their garden instead of waiting in and out of airport lines a suitcase to live.

Some structures in the garden are necessary — sheds, walls, pool equipment, etc. Since these are things you’ll see every day, why don’t you make them beautiful? Choose more gardeners to make eye-catching structures the focal points of your gardens instead of eye pain.

A small retreat in a larger garden can feel like a vacation. Creating a quiet space to relax, read, or meditate is becoming increasingly popular as mindfulness and finding decompression options become a priority for people. Garden designer Bernard Trainor from Ground Studio says: “” I find intimate, secluded spaces in a garden just as important as grandiose views. “” Whether you want to create a special outdoor yoga room that offers the calm environment necessary for meditation, or one spa-inspired space to rejuvenate and pamper yourself after a long day, the garden is a great place to relax.

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